West Bengal

The objective of the field trip was to record Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan in a studio, interview resource persons working on the contribution of Amir Khusrau in Hindustani music, literature and document copies of manuscripts, books, images, illustrations,  music recordings relevant to Khusrau in different institutions and libraries.

 Jadavpur University music archive set up by School of cultural texts and records under the supervision of Prof. Amlan Dasgupta has a music archive of more than 6000 hours of recording impressively catalogued out of which we managed to filter two rare bandishes ascribed to Khusrau under the classical section. One is O balma ab ghar aja by Ustad Amir Khan and the other one is parbas baans mango more babul sung by vidushi Sulochana Brishaspati. At ITC Sangeet Research Academy we were privileged to get complimentary copies of their publications on Amir Khusrau, Nur Ratnakar by Shahab Sharmadi, Amir Khusrau’s prose writings on music by Shahab Sharmadi and Premlata Sharma, Khayal Gharanas by department of Academic Research ITC SRA for our archives. As per the catalogue of National Library there are copies of manuscripts related to Khusrau like Qulliyat e Khusrau, Diwan e Khusrau, Ijaz e Khusravi, Tuhfat ul Sighar, Wasat ul Hayat and Khamsa. Victoria Memorial Museum has a copy of Diwan e Khusrau in their collection.  At Iran Society, Secretary Dr Mansoor Alam, highlighted their publications on Amir Khusrau, Indo Iranica published in 1971 ( Vol 24, No 3-4) which has good collection of articles by scholars on Khusrau. At Asiatic Society of Bengal manuscripts related to Amir Khusrau were listed.

Studio recording with Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan was completed with 10 rare bandishes on Amir Khusrau. Interviews were conducted with Dr.Manal Shah Alqadri, who has a PhD on Baqiya Naqiya, one of the rare diwans of Amir Khusrau and Dr. Iqbal Shah Alqadri, who has catalogued the manuscripts of Amir Khusrau in Kazakistan Museum.

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